Innovative Outdoor Stair Lift System

Chair Patio Stair Lift

An important part of technology is to provide our society with resources and innovation, to make objects that we use commonly, evolve into something that adapts to the demands of our days. This is how we have seen various developments, which seek that common objects have that turn of innovation that gives them new functions. Such is the case of outdoor stair lift, one of those essential objects for those who cannot walk.

In this case, the innovation in wheelchairs showed us how the evolution was to make them electric. But what would happen if a chair could go up and down steps? , then without a doubt we would be before an important case of innovation and evolutionary advance. This chair is capable of reaching a maximum speed of 10 km / h on a flat surface, and for the process of raising or lowering steps.

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Its creators are doing their best to make it pass one step per second. Its dimensions are 65 centimeters wide, 105 centimeters high, with a weight of 101 kilograms. So far, its creators have no plans to market this chair, since the short-term goal is to use it during the next Cybathlon Challenge 2016, a kind of Olympic bionic games, where athletes with disabilities use technology and robotics in various sports events.