Install Solid Color Stair Runners

Dark Grey Runner

Solid color stair runners are ideal for adding extra color and decoration to your stairs without completely covering them with rugs. Installing a stair runner follows the same procedure as installing the carpet to a floor except stairs have angles and floors do not usually. Measure the width of the back of each tread and also the width of each trunk. Cut pieces of ribbon strips equal to the measurements of the mat minus 2 inches.

Attach a piece of a non-stick strip to the back of each step. Place a piece of nibble strip centered on each trunk with a pin facing the tread. Hammers nubby ties on the stairs. Cut pieces of carpet pad to size. The cushion must be the same width as the nibless strip. Install the staircase start at the top of the staircase. Start under the nose on the stairs landing.

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Smooth the carpet as you walk, round the nose of the tread and if the carpet is flat for expansion. Hammer it with a chisel. Continue to lay the carpet over the stairs and secure the stairs until you reach the bottom of the stairs. Tuck underneath, rip the carpet up under the flange in the bottom riser and secure it using the carpet pin.