Installation Of Stair Treads Lowes

Black Carpet Stair Treads Lowes

Before you start installing carpet on the stair treads Lowes, you must first remove any old floor in them. If you are going to install true carpet rungs on wooden stairs then maybe you want to think them finished first. However, if you go to cover them completely then to clean up and making sure they are level will be enough. Remove any old carpet padding and throw it away; do not try to reuse the filling. Sweep the stairs well and if any adhesive was used on them, remove it. This can be done with hot water and sanding, or you may need to use a chemical remover. Allow the stairs to dry completely before starting any installation.

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Original carpet stair treads consisted of a small piece of carpet that looked like a carpet and did not completely cover the stairs. Most people today, when they think of carpet steps, I think of carpet the entire tread or the whole set of stairs. Rarely completely cover the ladder from side to side. You can still buy the original type of carpets stepped on. You will find them in many designs or plain colors that will match any decoration.

They have a ribbon on two sides of the carpet at the bottom and makes easy installation easy. Measure from the open side of the staircase, if one is the best place to start because the walls are not always straight. Measuring the riser out will give you the place to fix the stepped carpet to have them in the same place at each step. Then he removes the protector from the tape and the piece of carpet puts in its place. The edges should be pushed down well to make sure they adhere to the passage sufficiently.

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