Installation Rubber Stair Tread Covers

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An old and tired basement rubber stair tread covers are not only sad. It can also be directly dangerous. However, these two problems can be solved in a relatively easy way. You simply put a rubber mat on the stairs. The steps are then protected by a durable coating and the staircase looks fresher. With a little planning, you can work on a weekend and the cost will be a couple of thousand dollars.

Flexco stair tread installation rubber is a 65x80cm mat with 60 tack bars that are extra effective in capturing very small dirt particles. The tacking bar is mounted on a hard plate with the underside of rubber to ensure it is positioned against the substrate. The sticky sheets are torn away and thrown away as they are saturated with dirt. The shoe sole is very efficiently cleaned with dirt particles and dust. Each sheet is antibacterially treated to reduce the risk of bacterial growth.

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Rubber stair tread is used in passage to environments where extra care is taken to avoid dust and dirt particles, such as laboratories, medical facilities, cleaning rooms, food industry, etc. Rubber stair tread is also very suitable and effective when construction works in connection with premises with high purity requirements rubber stair treads indoor. When all the tacks are consumed, fill with new tacks on the plate. Refill rates of 60 pieces of tackle are sold in 4-pack.