Installing Basement Stair Railing

Outdoor Stair Railing Attention

To installing basement stair railing, starting with measure up to 36 inches from the front edge of the riser from the bottom. Repeat from the front edge of the upper step or landing. Measure the distance between the marks for the correct length of the stair railing. Place a chalk line on the marks. Adjust the line to create a straight line on the wall along the staircase. Measure six inches from each end of the chalk line. Mark for the placement of the top and bottom of the brackets of the handrail.

If the basement stairway ideas is framed and has a wall covering, find the posts near the marks on the top and bottom of the railing supports. Measure the distance between the locations of the upper and lower basement handrail supports. Handrail brackets should be spaced approximately 40 inches apart. Divide the distance between the top and lower handrail brackets to determine how many brackets should be used for proper installation of the handrail. The centers of the poles should be located 16 inches apart. Guide yourself by 16 inches and the number of additional handrail brackets.

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Space the additional supports equally along the chalk line at the stud locations. Mark the locations on the chalk line. Place the handrail brackets on the chalk line at the location marked for the basement stair railing ideas. Align the same location of the screw hole of each bracket on the chalk line. Mark the locations of the screws through the bracket on the wall. Place the brackets on the wall and fix with the appropriate screws. Raise the handrail in position. Secure the handrail to the brackets with wood screws.