Installing Custom Stair Runners

Blue Stair Runners Carpet

There are several factors to consider before installing the custom stair runners. Now add the complexity of custom designed & fabricated installation & you have bigger challenges. Are you up to it? Follow these tips for a hassle free installation of carpeted stairs fearless & custom. I’m going to predict that you have successfully designed a project Bud &. Your customers love the design you can’t wait to get the & installed. You also get paid very well for this installation because you are one of the few trained carpet manufactures in your area.

Team with high quality carpet installer. Almost all stair projects will be disseminated through the rug dealer. There will probably be a full installation carpet stairs & is just part of the whole project. Sitting down with the carpet Dealer & installer & iron out strategies to install. Depending on the type of stair & design that you have made, you can have a simple installation of “Waterfall” as you install 3-5 or more of the steps in 1 piece. This only works if the design is simple straightforward &-like design of the border or a stair runner install. When installing a custom staircase or your design needs precision placement allows let’s say you have a rose on each side that falls exactly on the tread/step. You must install each step separately.

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The right template makes every step. Ideally you will use an existing stair rug & track directly to a new section of the rug remember to have face fibers down working from the back. This obviously means that your client has approved the strategy for you and allows you to ‘ borrow ‘ the carpet of the stairs, they are already there. The second method is to use heavy brown paper. You can buy from your local home improvement store that you will find on the cat. You can create a template of the stairs using paper and a scrolling tape for piece sections together.

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