Interior Stair Railing Ideas You’ll Love It

Home Depot Interior Stair Railing

Does not this staircase remind you of a beautiful snail? We are facing a model of a circular type that unfolds in a space that is not really too big. If we also look at the work done with this beautiful natural wood, we will see how the interior stair railing ideas is just an extension of each of the steps of this staircase. We are facing a great way to combine security and design with the same material: wood. And you will find few materials as nice and welcoming as this…

Suspended by the air: We love this staircase because of its design, because of its shape. It seems to us one of the most beautiful and striking of the entire list. The rungs seem to be suspended in the air … and in fact they almost are. They are fastened by steel ropes on one of their sides, and embedded to the wall on the other side.

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And in addition, the image projected by the handrail is a bit invisible, given the narrowness of each of the cables that support it. A perfect handrail for houses where there are no small children and where you want to give more importance to the design than to the security itself. Although they are not dangerous at all! It is a perfect way to bring some transparency, to let it be seen through the railing, but providing all the necessary security in a staircase as high as this.