Jute Stair Runner Install Ideas

Stair Runner Rug Chevron

You can install jute stair runner the same way you would install regular blankets, which involves the use of course strips and a blanket stretcher to hold the runner in place. This is the best method for permanent runner on any kind of stair because it is the most secure. As long as your staircase is not curved, you can choose faster, easier methods to install your runner, but they cannot be so sure, so be careful when hiring alternative methods, especially on heavily trafficked stairs.

Choose a daily sight driven gun and staples long enough to penetrate the rug and well into the tree if you staple the rug runner. You can hide the staples at least by spreading the carpet nap with your fingers and pushing the stapler down to the bottom before sending each staple to the carpet. Staples that reach at least 1.5 cm into the tree are best.

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As with tack strips, tie the runner along the trailing edge of each staircase and the bottom of each staircase riser (the vertical face). If your stairs have noses that extend beyond each step, you can staple the runner to the underside of the nose as well. Start the top and stretch the runner before applying each line in staples.