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August 13, 2019 Stair Lift

Lift Stairs Elderly: Read On To Learn More!

With a manual wheelchair it is possible to get around, be active and get new experiences. But unfortunately, as a wheelchair user, you can be restricted by stairs, either in your own home or with family and friends. Then what do you do? Try to use lift stairs elderly. You can of course make agreements on carriage. But then you lose your freedom to do what it suits one when it suits one. If it is the freedom to come in and out or around in your own home, it’s not a durable solution.

This can typically be the staircase up to the front door, the staircase up to the first floor or level differences in the ground floor to be forced. staircase gives you the freedom and the ability of a wheelchair to get up and down stairs when it suits you. With a chair stair lift you are no longer restricted by stairs, either in your own home or with family and friends. With a chair stair lift  you can visit friends and family, anywhere and anytime.

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The wheelchair must be fitted with a small discreet mounting bracket at the back. The mounting bracket must of course fit the wheelchair. But Alber can supply mounting brackets for the vast majority of quality wheelchairs in the Danish market. Once the wheelchair is fitted with the mounting bracket, it is quick and easy to mount or disassemble the staircase as required.

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