Luxurious Modern King Bedroom Sets

Best Modern King Bedroom Sets

Luxury and stately, a modern king bedroom sets provides couples with ample personal space and gives a person plenty of room to sprawl. A bed is usually largest item of furniture in a bedroom, a king tend to consume more than their fair share of space. Measure room and its current furniture so that bed fits comfortably. If possible, floor space, tucking dressers inside closets and eliminate unnecessary seats.

A standard modern king bedroom sets mattress, also known as an Eastern king, measures 76-inches wide by 80 inches long. Addition of a headboard and foot board, this increases by several inches, especially length. It requires a room that is at least 8-foot by 9-foot to maintain about 2-feet to walk around bed; with furniture, including dressers, is a larger space perfectly.

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Strategic furniture placement, you can work a modern king bedroom sets in a room that barely meets minimum size. Choosing too narrow, tall dressers cupboards to keep floor space open and do not stick to outdated rules when it comes to choosing a location for your bed. Place head of bed under a window, equipping it with low-profile headboard, or press one side of bed flush with wall. Although not perfect placement, later works beautifully when part of bed would block a doorway somewhere else, and with lots of pillows or a canopy, resulting in a purposeful cozy look.