Make Spiral Decorative Stair Treads

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If you live in a small two storey house, then perhaps you have noticed that your decorative stair treads have more floor space than it should be. Most homeowners in the same situation try to do with what they have with the decorations and maximize the space. However, you are now able to return a lot of floor space that you lack using a spiral staircase instead. Some people hesitate to use the spiral staircase as they are not considered safe, but you can be more comfortable by installing stair rungs. However, keep in mind that you also need to find the right spiral stair raceway. The reason is because the shape of the wedge step spiral stair is different from a regular rectangular shape of the stairs.

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Then you need to look for a design that is done specifically for the type you have at home. If you can’t find what you have in mind from your local store, you can try to find it on the Internet. You can also improvise with the purchase of traditional design and cut or fit perfectly to your own staircase. The spiral staircase is also very good to provide access to other areas of the house as the attic. Even if you have space in your home that is limited, it won’t cause many problems because most of the designs currently on the market were created to save space. If you find the steps of your stairs into a little Slick, you can install some slip-proof stair tread to add more traction. There are also designs that have the support of anti-skid are perfect if you want to put a spiral staircase you outside or in an open house area.

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Another important advantage of using carpet stairs to the spiral staircase is the fact that it really enhances your appearance. More they have a spiral staircase in the house means that the room has extra decorative touches, because not many owners have something like that in their own homes. And by adding your decorative or carpet treads matching the colors and designs, you will increase the value of your home even more. For example you can easily find the wooden decorative staircase-carpet which has frequently been offered in various magazines home decor which is very modern and classy. You can find the braid that gives any room an extra touch of beauty even when placed directly on the floor or be used on the stairs. The possibilities are endless and just knowing the fact that they are not expensive to buy at all, you can easily add an extra sparkle to your room any time you want.

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