Make Your Own Solid Wood Storage Bed

Awesome Solid Wood Storage Bed

Drive four wood screws through the back of each end cubes to secure the cubicles together for the frame of the storage bed. Lay the 90-inch planks lengthwise. The two final boards will have a 15-inch cantilever on the 80 inches’ side and 5 inches will be protruded by the ends of the three planks at the end. Pull wood screws through the top of the planks in the cubicles every 6 to 8 inches around the perimeter of the frame that is cubicle place the mattress centered to finish the solid wood storage bed.

Solid wood storage bed – Making a storage bed cabinets to think about and can seem like a lot of work, given all the handles and draws. No joinery is required, not much of everything that can cause even more novice carpenter any sweat, no cuts.

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Sand the wooden cubicles and paint them on the desired color of the bed. Then sand and paint the three planks, if the cubicles are already painted in the color you want. The long use, even the movements of the brush and if the application of multiple layers, sand in the middle. Place the two 80-inch cubicles on their sides, with the lockers. Place cube cubicles between the ends of the 80-inch cubicles, with their lockers facing out.