Making Outdoor Non Slip Stair Treads

Modern Outdoor Stair Treads

Outdoor non slip stair treads – During periods of rain or snow, outdoor stairs that lead to the doors of a house can be treacherous and without proper attention and security measures. A slip on the icy or wet steps can cause a fall of the broken limbs. Indoor carpeted stairs are dangerous for barefoot or socked residents without taking safety precautions. A homeowner can make indoor and outdoor non-slip staircases without having to spend large amounts of money or ruin the aesthetic beauty of the home.

Measure the travel of the tread of outdoor stairs. Divide the number by two to find the center of the tread and mark the center of the longitudinal tread with a pencil. Divide the front half of the tread in three sections longitudinally. Draw a line, 1 foot long, centered, on each of the three marks of the longitudinal section.

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Run the router along these three lines that make grooves in the tread. These slots provide traction during rain or snow. Cut these three slots on all the rungs of an exterior staircase of the house. Mix 2 cups of paint with 1/2 cup sand using a shaking paint stick in a small paint pot. Measure the travel of the tread of the metal ladder. Divide the number by two, find the middle of the tread, and mark the center of the tread along with a pencil.