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September 4, 2019 Wood Panel

Modern and Noble Interior Wood Paneling

Modern retro living room has the walls and ceiling entirely covered with large vertical panels of pine interior wood paneling. An interesting contrast is generated by the color of this material with the carpet, a color that is repeated in the armchair, which in this case has a zone crossed by striking stripes in shades ranging from red to pink and purple. The remaining portion of the equipment is formed by two buckets that are used as a coffee table, and a design chair of a vibrant red.

A headache is often represented by an entry without life when decorating, since often the space is not enough to locate furniture, and we cross the doubt. An alternative and idea is a modern interior wood paneling wall in slats, which create a kind of horizontal or framework structure.

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In this use it can intervene as part of the structure, in the forms, in the coverings and in the details. We show you some alternatives to use the wood as a coating. It is ideal to give a touch of warmth, which with a simple maintenance ensures years of duration and an unbeatable decorative quality.

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