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Does medicare cover stair lifts spends billions of dollars a year treating the results of falls, and older Americans are five times more likely to end up in the hospital because of falls than for any other injury. So you might think that Medicare will try to save at least part of those billions, covering the security elements that help prevent people from falling. But no, it’s not like that. To be sure, Medicare covers some items that you consider medically reasonable if prescribed by a doctor, for example, safety stair lift veterans administration that help people with disabilities sit or stand up from a chair or trapeze bars that help people sit or alter the positions when confined to bed.

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But Medicare does not pay for equipment that considers convenience items rather than medical necessity. A long list of items not covered includes used stair chair lift or elevators, cockpit lifts or seats, grab bars, heating appliances, air conditioners, humidifiers, posture chairs, massage devices, physical fitness equipment, and warning systems of a medical emergency. If you are a veteran with a disability, be aware that the Department of Veterans Affairs has programs that provide cash grants to help eligible veterans make little-known home security improvements. If you file detailed tax returns, you may be able to deduct the costs of home improvements for medical reasons.

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