Modern Spectacular Hand Railing For Stairs

Black Handrail Kits For Steps

Every detail counts when designing an environment, project or element. The modern style has parameters and very marked lines that denote elegance, contemporaneity and simplicity, combining luxury materials to create top quality finishes. In multi-level dwellings, there is an element that is usually the protagonist at any point where it is located and this is: The staircase. Designing the staircase, its shape and the choice of materials may take time, but what about the hand railing for stairs?

The rails or parapets are like the crown of the staircase, a simple detail that can make your core vertical circulation the masterpiece in your architectural proposal. Spectacular glazed parapet looks like a dream, especially in continuous stairs where the piece stands out even more as it pretends to be a continuous railing. Without any extra elements, the glass rails are light, modern and super elegant, leaning only on small anchor points on the side of the stairs, protecting you from the heights without creating visual noise in space.

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For the upper parts of the staircase, it uses simple metal or stainless steel cords to protect the user without the need to create a complete solid enclosure. In this way, the staircase looks light and modern, being able to combine a glass plate according to your taste and budget.