Modern Stair Railing Metal

Modern Stair Handrail Wall Mount

Modern stair railing is more than just a decorative feature; it also works as a security measure for your home. If you have young children, older family members or small pets, you must have some kind of railing. The railing protects pets and people from falling off the stairs. Older metal frames can look worn, showing signs of rust and damage that ruin the look of a modern style home. Modernizing an old-fashioned metal staircase railing is often about replacing it.


Measure the length of the staircase, giving you the length needed for the new railing. Determine the height needed for the new railing, choose the same height as the old or change the height to accommodate pets or small children. Select a new railing for your staircase. A glass system has glass discs that are placed between wood supports, while a cable system uses metal cables evenly distributed inside the metal supports. Remove the hardware supporting the old railing with an electric screwdriver. The railing should be supported on one wall and smaller brackets distributed evenly over the bottom.

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Attach support beams in the new staircase to the wall or top of the stairs. To attach to the wall, push the bracket to the wall and screw through the bracket and into the wall. For the rails attached to the floor, screw straight down until the screws is level at the top of the bracket. Move down the stairs; attach support bars in the new staircase to the floor. Follow the marks you made from the older railing, screw a bracket and support bar in each of the brands. Place additional support brackets on each beam and lay railing on top. Screw through the brackets in the beams.

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