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February 1, 2020 Attic Stair

Comforter with Attic Stair Insulation

The insulation of the attic has many advantages. Such as allows reducing heat loss and energy waste and improves the comfort of the last habitable floor (in case the attic is not inhabited). Also retraining a house from an energy point of view. Increasing the value of the property and / or making it possible to obtain an extra room. On the market there are many materials available to attic stair insulation. You have to choose the best insulation material for your needs.

Therma-dome attic stair cover (prices); the method of insulation of the most economical attic is the insufflations of the last floor – the “floor” of the attic. With costs ranging from 12 to 17 euro / sqm. It can only be used in non-habitable attics. A variant of this method is the laying on the last floor of insulating panels made of expanded polystyrene (EPS). An easy material to work with a good resistance to compression. It is mainly used for the walk able attic, but not habitable.

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The costs in this case go up to about 35 Euros / sqm. Insulating walk in attic (prices); in the habitable attics, it is preferable to isolate the ceiling using a layer of insulating panels. The insulating panels for attic have prices ranging from 5 euro / sqm. For pre-cut rock wool or fiberglass, up to 12 euro / sqm of the polystyrene-plasterboard coupled panels.

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