Most Important Factors When Used Stair Lift

As we have seen there are different types of elevators for used stair lift, so it will be highly recommended to evaluate which of them is better suited to the needs of our particular case, as this is one of the most important factors when determining the final price. Apart from the model, there are other important elements that will influence the price of a wheelchair lift, among these elements we find the route or length to be saved, the need or not of work for the installation of the lift.

the characteristics and optional elements that are necessary to finish adjusting the elevator to our needs and last but not least, the installation company, since it is possible to find differences of several hundred or even thousands of Euros , depending on the elevator, between some companies and others. As a guideline we can indicate that the prices of wheelchair lifts start from about € 5500 onwards, being in most cases necessary a personalized study to determine exactly the final price.

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Reduced speed lifts or domestic lifts, this type of wheelchair lifts are a cheaper alternative and with fewer technical and maintenance requirements than conventional lifts. Its ability to save up to four or five stories high and the great adaptability when manufactured to size make it an ideal solution for single-family homes, commercial premises or low-rise buildings.