Murphy Bed With Couch: Perfect Solution!

Cute Murphy Bed With Couch

The visit came! God, where are you going to sleep? … This usually happens when you only have rooms that are already occupied by people in the home, and there is no additional place suitable for the rest of the visit. Evolution has brought the solution to this problem; new trends have introduced more deeply the use of murphy bed with couch, a dual function element, as a comfortable and comfortable lounge furniture and in turn becomes the perfect solution for the unexpected visits and his placid rest.

Cute resistant fabric murphy bed with couch in orange color, open click – clac system, which has hinges to open it, with three options in different angles, such as sofa, chaise longue type (long chair) and as a bed, ideal for juvenile rooms. Of smaller size than a usual sofa, in textured fabric, easy to open, you have to remove the cushions to extend it, much like the Italian opening system, ideal for adding it to the room to enjoy an extra bed or for small rooms.

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Murphy bed with couch retro style, in deep blue sequins. This model of Italian opening system ideal to be used in small places. Practical puff-bed, individual, by its dimensions can be placed in any corner, ideal for juvenile rooms. Easy opening system!