Narrow Stair Lift Ideas

Reconditioned Narrow Stair Lift

What disability the user has on the choice of narrow stair lift. If you cannot walk or stand, then a chair stair lift is the best option, while others may want a standing stair lift to save space. There are a number of manufacturers that contain both features to allow users to choose. They can be an expensive commodity to buy and users should report what is best suited to their needs.

The shape of the Stairway

The shape of the staircase affects what kind of stair lift you should buy. For straight stairs, the most suitable one is a straight stair lift. These are generally the least expensive stair lifts and the easiest to install, with some parts that can be custom-made. These counts for the largest proportion of stair lifts in the market. For bent stairs, a curved stair chair is required, which must be custom installed. If the space is limited then a perch stair lift may be necessary.

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Power supply

The stair lift is either going to be powered directly from the house power or a battery. The direct connection is cheaper and more aesthetically pleasing, but they are limited by the fact that they will not work during a power outage. Battery-powered stair lifts are more expensive due to the battery price and replace them over the years, but they do the function in the event of a power failure, making them a better choice for those who cannot pass stairs at all independently.