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The elevators for electric stair lift are one of the main solutions to provide accessibility to any type of building or private home. That the way to build buildings has evolved over the years is an undeniable fact, and not only refer to the new designs and materials used in them. It is curious, for example, that years ago a staircase at the entrance of a building was synonymous with a good finish and was used to enhance the construction.

Nowadays, in new buildings and thanks to a substantial improvement in terms of awareness in accessibility matter and the application of a series of specific regulations for the elimination of architectural barriers this is practically unthinkable. However, there are still many buildings, shops and private homes that have one or more flights of stairs at the entrance of them that pose a problem for people with walking difficulties and an insurmountable barrier for people traveling in a chair of wheels.

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On the other hand, and especially in the domestic sphere, the installation of an elevator to save the different levels of the house supposes a great investment and an important expense at the time of its maintenance hardly bearable for the economy of a family.