Out Easily Outdoor Stair Lift Alternative

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Outdoor stair lift alternative are mechanisms that allow disabled people to move up and down stairs. Normally they are used for short flights of stairs instead of large as the potential for danger is higher the higher the elevator goes. They are often used at the entrance of a disabled person’s home to help them get in and out easily. Outdoor stair lifts are weatherproof so that they can stay out year round.

It was in 1920 that the first stairlift was created. A man named CC Crispen from Pennsylvania created the first stairlift to help one of his disabled friends go from floor to floor. In 1920, there were not many elevators, and there was no promise that each building should be handicapped. This made the need for stairlifts much bigger. Now the main need for them is to keep someone from transforming their houses to ramps and other similarly handicapped friendly architecture.

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The outdoor stair lift is robust enough to work in any weather. They have a ramp that is put on the stairs case, usually using metal fittings. A motorized chair is attached to the ramp and moves up and down when the stair lift is switched on. When the person reaches the top of the stairs she can get out and go about her day. Some outdoor stair lifts are more robust than others. Some require a covered surface while others may be omitted in hail and snow