Painting Over Wood Paneling Ideas

Painting Over Already Painted Wood Paneling

But to remove the panels requires repair and may not be as easy as the wall behind it can be damaged in the process. An alternative to hide the old wood paneling can be to paint over it. Painting wood panel can revitalize an space and make it look more modern. Some techniques or steps should be followed when painting on wood panel so it is done correctly.

Before painting on wood panel, you have to prepare it. The wood surface with a damp cloth to trash and dust removal. Fill the nail holes with frequent or wood filler. After frequent dries, sand it with fine sandpaper and wipe off dust particles. Painter’s tape along adjacent and baseboards, ceiling walls, which means you do not paint any surfaces that are unwanted.

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Different types of paint it is so best to check the drying time according to the product instructions. After the primer is dry, apply a thin and even layer of paint. Apply in the same way as the primer, using a brush and a 3/8-inch nap roller to get into track or the corners. When the first color layer dries, add another coat of paint. Cover the wall of color.