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May 18, 2019 Wood Panel

Painting Wood Paneling Laminated

Vacuum the wall using a soft brush to remove particles and dust laminate. Pour primer in a paint tray. Cut in the corners, the ceiling and baseboard lines with a brush. Rinse the brush and set it aside to dry, or put in a plastic bag that is resalable to store it.

Remove and sockets plate cover with a screwdriver and set them aside. Lay down a plastic tarp or cloth to cover the carpet and flooring. Wear a dust mask and goggles to protect you from particles. You do not need to remove the top layer of the painting wood paneling. The idea is to score.

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Coat paint roller. Roll it on the wall in smooth, cross stroke for coverage. A bond will be formed by the primer and will make the covering layer cling. Paint the surface that is primed with a latex top coat of your choice, using the exact procedures. Allow the topcoat to dry for 24 hours before installing the outlet and switch covers.

Painting wood paneling – Painting of laminated wood panels can brighten a dull, dark or stained surface. Preparing panels for the primer is the basis for the project. Whether the laminate is extremely thin or thick, it must be sanded to give primer something to bind to. Run your hands over the surface before beginning, and make sure the laminate is attached to the wall before sanding, priming and painting wood paneling.

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