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August 13, 2019 Stair Railing

Perfect Ideas Indoor Stair Railing

If we had to define a classic and romantic staircase with a single image, I think this would be one of the best examples we could show you. The indoor stair railing is made of wood subsequently varnished and painted in white. An evocation of those stately houses with high ceilings that we all have in mind …  It is a design in which each step supports two vertical elements of the railing, so that the image is somewhat more closed, without becoming so at all. A perfect staircase for more conservative houses (decoratively speaking) where it will fit perfectly.

The floor of this staircase is impressive, do not you think? It is a Venetian mosaic of molten glass in the purest Mediterranean style. As for the railing, which is what concerns us today, we see that it is a simple and modern, which also contrasts great design and material with the floor that we talked about. A curved staircase, completely clear of unnecessary enclosures that allow us to enjoy its beautiful journey in its entire splendor.

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The railing is made with sheets that are placed on each of the steps with a vertical support, sheets that also overlap each other. And it is precisely the image of these plates and the existing lighting that makes the image of this staircase practically become a work of art. The railing is the undisputed protagonist of a spiral staircase placed in a tower with a viewpoint.

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