Pet Stair Lift: Exclusively For Small Space

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If we live in a community of neighbors instead of in a house … Can they prohibit us from going up in pet stair lift? Is this legal? Will we have to choose the stairs from now on? Incredible as it seems, it is something so simple that we did not even think about it, but it can happen. We may have neighbors without pets who consider it appropriate that the elevator is a space exclusively for humans and, in that case, we will have to face more than one internal debate. Could they come to impose that prohibition?

As a rule, it is not normal for this to happen. A pet can usually climb the elevator without anyone on top, trying to avoid it. However, yes there may be different situations, very specific, in which a community of neighbors could come to consider the prohibition of animals in the elevator. Let’s put a couple of examples, and see how you could act in each case.

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It may be the case that, when we move to a new apartment with our dog, this community has already changed the statutes and has expressly prohibited the entry of any type of animal in the elevator. In that case, there will be no choice but to use the stairs. One could get to request a change of the statutes but, again, unanimity would be necessary. However, it is not something that you have to worry about excessively, since it is something that does not happen very often.