Popular Runners For Stairs

Stair Runners Home Depot Ideas

Identify how to install runners for stairs. You can choose to either have stair runners installed with nails or screws or without them. Everyone has his merits, but the final decision lies with you. By using nails or screws, the stair runners are steadily in place and are not easily moved. If you do not plan to use these, you will use the gripper teeth on the back of the plastic stair runner to hold it in place.

Install stair runners with nail and screw. Drill three holes in wood on each end and another in the middle. It should be done on the width and depth enough that the screw thread and the nail head do not protrude, to avoid accidents. Roll and place plastic runners on the stairs. You can either screw runners on the top or at the bottom of the stairs first to make a focal point. Screw a stair rod for each point where a staircase runs and stairs rise meets. At the last staircase, staple or screw in the stairs runners until the stairs rise. Cut off excess runners.

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Install stair runners without a nail or screw. Do not start at the edge of the top step. You can start just before the carpet and tread down the slope, or just before the end of the tread. Roll the stair runners and mount them on the action in each step. Cut a piece of plastic stair runners per step using strong scissors. Use scissors to make the edges of the plastic stair runner smoother, or melt the edges with a cigarette lighter until you even. Use your fingers or scissors, flatten the plastic stair runners in an up and down motion so that the teeth can sink into the carpet and thus will not be easily displaced.

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