Pretty Style of Tufted Bed Frame

If you decide to design and build your own tufted bed frame, you have the freedom to create one that perfectly suits your needs. Your bed is the focal point of your bedroom, so this is your chance to make a great statement in your room layout. You can choose to add a personal touch to an old headboard, simply by changing the color or adding fabric. Upholstered headboards can be made to fit any design scheme. They are also one of the easiest styles to achieve.

Coordinate your upholstered headboard with your bedding, curtains and carpets. This fabric can be used to emphasize a certain type of decoration. For example, a toile fabric will highlight a French country decoration. An inserted tufted bed frame is also made of upholstery foam, cotton wadding and fabric. Like the ordinary upholstered headboard, it is ideal to rest against as a headboard.

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What makes a tufted bed frame are the buttons inserted through the fabric through the back of the headboard and causing a plume on the fabric. To achieve this headboard style, drilled holes are in the back of the headboard. Once the foam, cotton and fabric are in place, a button is passed through and tightened. This adds a level of elegance to a headboard, while offering a new opportunity to add a decorative touch to the bed.