Sanding Exterior Wood Paneling

Exterior Wood Paneling Brown

Vacuum or sweep area. You want to take out the dust and splinters from your carpet so you do not get hurt by receiving a splinter in the foot. Prime, paint or stain your exterior wood paneling to finish the project. A primer will seal the wood and gives you a fresh surface to paint. If you plan on staining the panels you will want the natural beauty to shine 19, do not prime.

Remove curtains or blankets from all surfaces and shake the dust off outdoors. You do not want to create any more dust indoors, especially if you’ve already removed your glasses and mask when sanding endeavor. You do not want to run the risk of inhaling dust or get it stuck in your eyes.

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Exterior wood paneling – When looking at wooden panels, grinding may seem like an intimidating task. Depending on the task, different types of sandpaper necessary, especially if the panels are uneven. To cutting panels, the key is to take time to be certain your surface is prepared, and the panels are properly sanded.

Moisten a cloth and wipe the dust from the exterior wood paneling. This will leave a smooth surface so you can see if you want to go over spots you missed on the panels. Also, wipe the wood with a damp cloth to remove any splinters from the wood.