Simple And Orderly Modern Storage Bed

Grey Modern Storage Bed

Modern storage bed – Ideas to store better and organized in your bedroom. Because houses in Mexico, and around the world, are becoming smaller, we face the problem of storage in our homes. Mainly, kitchens and bedrooms are the rooms that can be most affected, since in them we need areas to store and keep a large number of items, including clothing, shoes and accessories. The space that is below our bed can become storage. Maybe it stays hidden, depending on the design of your bed and the length of the bedspread.

But it can also be decorative. A simple, original and orderly modern storage bed solution is placing suitcases, as you are seeing. You can buy some nice suitcases or with a retro look to give it a much more special touch. Inside you can save from the sheets to the shoes that usually end in this area of ​​our bedroom but can finally be ordered.

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The drawers are super necessary in a bedroom and sometimes the furniture that we already have, do not have a lot of these precious elements. What can we do? The idea of ​​placing beautiful wicker baskets can be your salvation. Under the tables of the bedroom, a desk or a piece of furniture that has spaces available, you can distribute several of these practical baskets and increase modern storage bed capacity, they are also decorative and give a touch of warmth to your room.