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August 12, 2019 Stair Lift

Slight Idea of Chair Lift for Stairs Medicare

We do not even have a slight idea of ​​the challenge of going out on the street for people with disabilities, whose only form of mobility is through a chair lift for stairs medicare. More and more buildings and urban infrastructures are implementing everything necessary to facilitate access and passage, but still not enough. It is well known that in Japan we have years of advantage in many aspects, and in this regarded they were not going to be less.

The fact is that in the metro and commuter stations have already installed escalators that allow the transport of people in wheelchairs. A panel of buttons at the foot of the access to the staircase allows grouping three steps forming a platform with the right size for these chairs. Undoubtedly, an initiative that will greatly facilitate the mobility of these people.

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Although it seems more than obvious, the elevators must respond to the needs of some users and for this it must have minimum measures that allow to enter a person in a wheelchair . When there is a house in the building, or several, adapted for the disabled, people with disabilities or mobility problems that need wheelchairs or other solutions to move, the measures of the elevator should be a little larger.

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