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May 19, 2019 Duvet

Special Nicole Miller Duvet Cover

Depending on our preferences, we will have to remove blankets, quilts or nicole miller duvet cover from our closet. Thus, while we can say that the traditional quilt is an independent and fully made garment. Which serves as both a decorative quilt and a garment that is warm and which is place on the sheets or blankets. The Nordic cover or quilt is made up of several pieces that dress the bed in its entirety, replacing the standard sheets and blankets.

Traditionally, for these lands, we have used nicole miller duvet cover to protect us from the cold. And a coverlet as a bedroom decoration.  We wait a few months of cold and low temperatures. So we will have to prepare winter clothes, both for the street and for the house. It’s time to think about clothes that protect us from the cold in our property.

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Does the function of these, but replacing the countertop by a kind of bag or jacket where the nicole miller duvet cover is inserted. Which replaces the blanket and is an independent piece, without functions, and that merely provides heat. The Nordic filling’s wrap-around piece meets the function of the traditional quilt or quilt and also acts as a decorative element.

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