Special Rod Pocket Door Panel

Door Rod Pocket Curtain Panel

Rod pocket door panel – the window edges soften and can add texture and color to any decor. For a formal spaces, working pinch-pleats or a French drapes By way of example. Aside from adding a decorative component to a room, some types of curtains provide privacy and block the light.

Pleated treatments offer the formal look. Types, including pinch, pencil box and Cup or French, all create a look that is tailored. Traditionally curtains lined and constructed of solid or pattern. Interior and contemporary is well suited for curtains. Sheers consist of fabric that is lightweight and provide a see-through look. Used give a peace to sheers. They soften the overall look, when placed under other forms of curtains, including a set of side panels affixed to a decorative rod.

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Similar in design and construction to tab-top type gasket to-top curtains need grommets or eyelets at the curtain’s head. A thin pole or metal rod pocket door panel threads above and under the fabric in lugs that are positioned. These curtains fit in a room that is modern.