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February 8, 2020 Stair Lift

Stair Chair Lifts For Seniors Ideas

Stair chair lifts for seniors can add a stylish and modern look to the interior of your kitchen or living room. Creating one of these chairs requires some knowledge of soldering and basic metalworking skills. Materials used to make a metal wire chair can generally be purchased at a local hobby shop and must be smooth enough to work with, yet strong enough to be functional.


Determine the style of chair that you want to do by either borrowing an existing design or preparing your own. Measure either 16- or 18-gauge wire to be cut to meet the dimensions of your chair. An appropriate size for stair chair lifts would be a chair that is about 20 inches wide, 22 inches deep and 33 inches tall in the back. Cut the cable to be used for the seat frame and backrest for your chair, using a pair of thread clips. Bend the thread gently in one direction until it conforms to the desired shape for your chair style.

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Solder ends wireframe together with a soldering gun and solder wire. Whether the shape of your seat and the backrest is square or rounded, your brazing job needs to be done well so that the rest of the stair chair lifts stay together. Cut the thread for the center and back of your place, using metal scissors. The threads should be a length that is twice the width or depth of the chair. Solder one end of the cable to the metal seat or backrest frame and then wrap the cable around the other end of the frame and back to the point where you fastened the other end of the cable. Loosen the other end of the cable to the frame as well.

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