Stair Climber Calories: Easy To Do!

Calories Burned Climbing 100 Stairs

There are many ways to put the body in shape and most of them involve cardio machines, expensive equipment or at least, a disbursement in a gym. However, there are exercises that allow us to tone different muscles of the body and burn calories without any equipment such as the stair climber calories, which today we bring some variants to burn calories at home.

The climber or mountain climber is an exercise with all the letters, because not only is it a movement that involves almost all the muscles of the body and therefore, allows a good work of the cardio respiratory system but is ideal for burning calories. For this same reason, the climber can be a good exercise to accompany a weight loss plan and burn fat, although it also strengthens muscles and improves resistance.

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But the best thing about mountain climber or climber exercise is that it is very versatile and practical, because we can do it without any equipment, at home, in the open air or in the gym. Before applying any of its variants it is always good to reinforce its correct technique, for it we remember that the exercise begins in position of iron with tips of the feet and palms of the hand on the ground as the only support.