Can The Stair Climber Machines Help You Lose Weight In Six Weeks?

Twist Stepper Vs Regular Stepper

Many people are looking for practical ways to lose weight in a hurry. In this pursuit, some are switching to home appliances like stair climber machines. This unit is a treadmill plus climber ladder and elliptical all in one. The question is can this equipment help you lose weight in just six weeks? When it comes to weight loss, the best exercise to begin is walking. Walking is low-impact and almost anyone can do it every day. Walking on a treadmill will burn an average of 700 calories per hour while on high ground.

The stepper machine is a great way to increase the intensity of your workout. While walking to increase the burning caloric action stepping stairs will also increase muscle mass and tone. Both have the added benefit of burning more calories. Depending on your initial weight, you can burn 5.9-8.8 calories per minute. That means almost five hundred calories per hour at normal speed.

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An elliptical is known for its low-impact movement. When exercising on a typical treadmill, at least you will have little influence on your knees and other joints, with no elliptical machine. In the end, you get the same calorie burning exercise you can get on a treadmill but with little effort.