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Stair treads Menards – in today’s society, with many sedentary activities, people are often encouraged to move during everyday life. Such a natural form of so-called sneak motion is the staircase. But can the use of the stair treads Menard really give health effects? Here are some interesting findings that investigated this. Research shows that people who regularly use stairs have better health than those who choose the elevator/escalator, including improved fitness, strength and weight loss, lower cholesterol, and lower risk of osteoporosis.

Using the staircase also seems to be a time-effective form of physical activity. examined the physiological requirements of elderly men for three different forms of physical activity; strength training, regular walk on flat surfaces and Menards stair runner or walking. Walking up to three to four floors at moderate pace proved to generate the same positive physiological effect. Although strength training is a versatile form of exercise and should be performed for its beneficial, versatile effects on the body, weight training with submaximal weights did not produce peak effect (peak circulatory stress) than a few minutes walk in the stairs for the elderly men.

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However, encouraging more people to take the stairs can also lead to a certainly increased risk of injury: The vast majority of descent. This makes the stairs to the home’s most dangerous place. It should be emphasized, however, that stairs in public environments are usually different from the home’s often more steep design home depot stair stringers. Roys also believes that many accidents can be prevented through improved design on stairs, especially by extending the stairway steps so that the staircase gets less steep.