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June 5, 2019 Stair Runners

Stairs Carpet Runner Style

Stairs carpet runner is both stylish and functional accessories for an internal staircase. Stair runners protect stairs from high traffic damage and add a texture or color element that transforms the stairs into a visual focus for a room. When choosing a stair runner for your home, consider your budget and your aesthetics so that you choose a style that suits your needs and your overall interior.

If you want to protect your stairs without significantly distracting from the stairs, choose a plastic or vinyl stair runner an option for your home. Plastic stair runners are cheap, durable and easier to clean than runner fabric stairs

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Braided stair runners are traditional, rustic options for stair runners who add warmth and color to a home while protecting stairs. Braided stair runners are made of pieces of felt, cotton, nylon and wool attached to a pattern and attached to a back. Braided carpets are durable and thick options for stair runners and came in classic colonial patterns and colors like navy, red, cream and olive green. Choose a braided stair runner if your home is furnished in a rustic or rustic style. Due to the structure of the carpet, they can be difficult to vacuum and keep away from dirt, especially if your runner covers the stairway staircase as well as the tread.

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