Stairs Without Railing Design

Update Stair Railing Without Colors

Stairs without railing are ranked as one of the top 10 causes of child and child injury, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. These injuries usually occur due to falling down the stairs. A loose or missing hand can contribute to the falling damage. The distance between the spindles on the rack can also pose a risk to children. Keeping the stair rails safely reduces your child’s risk of injury.


You want your child to hold the stairs without railing when climbing up or down the stairs, but you must also ensure that these rails are stable. If the railing is loose or unstable, fasten it by tightening the screws that attach it to the wall. An outside railing on a deck or deck stairs may require additional screws to attach. If the wood is rotten, replace railing with new material. Your child may fall if a railing breaks loose.

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Spider luck or

For stair rails bound to bars, the distance of the spiders is a problem. Children sometimes try to squeeze through small spaces, which can result in getting caught. If the distance is more than 4 inches, your child’s head can be caught between the spiders. Check the gap between the floor and the rack as well. A much larger gap can give your child’s entire body to fit through the space, which allowed her to fall to the floor below. Kid’s health suggests that you use a special guard for stairs if your child fits through the gap. You can get special translucent plastic or Plexiglas shields to cover the rails in older homes or outdoors with slits wider than 4 inches.

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