Steel Stair Treads Design

Galvanized Serrated Stair Treads

Steel stair treads – In the internal environments the stairs have vital importance in the decoration of the space. The steps of the stairs made with masonry can be completely covered with wood in the steps and in the elevations of the fronts placing start columns and rails. The reduced space is one of the big problems when you have to make a staircase that communicates uneven floors.

The elevation of the steps must be even and recommended, in order to be able to walk smoothly on the stairs and in a relaxed way when going up or down the stairs. The height of the elevation of the steps must be between 16 and 18 centimeters and the average width of the part where the foot rests an average depth of at least 25 centimeters.

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The stairs must have a minimum width of 65 centimeters. When not enough is available to be able to develop normally a straight or “L” shaped staircase, the only solution is the spiral staircase that can be developed in only 1.20 meters wide regardless of the height at which it is want to arrive In the image that accompanies this note you can see the details of a classic spiral staircase with steps, railing and central metal tower.