Sugar Skull Bed Set, You Dare?

Black Sugar Skull Bed Set

One of the advantages of this sugar skull bed set is that it adds texture to the garment, which brings warmth despite its lightness to the quilt. Another advantage is that you can create drawings so complex that they are works of art. For something are simple and timeless quilts, whose perfect fall elegantly dresses your bed. Suitable for decorations

Something that, without a doubt, works in environments that are modern and contemporary. Sugar skull bed set are also characterized by having rounded tips – so they are also known as handkerchief bedspreads – and sometimes they are topped with a border that contrasts with the fabric of the bedspread. They are so versatile that they fit in any type of decoration, and are comfortable and light for halftime.

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Nordic spaces, given that white or neutral tones predominate. Because they are made with a high percentage of cotton. Although the thing is to find them in raw tones. Because they are woven with natural threads. They are treading quilts that are hard on the pattern pique.