The Best Oak Stair Treads

Wooden Stair Treads For Sale

Oak stair treads are the materials that close the space between the treads. Stair stringers are placed on the left and right sides of the stairs for support. Some people prefer their stairs to not have stairs. But some prefer to have stairs especially if there are children in the house. If the child is only small or begins to crawl, opening the space between treads can be dangerous to them.

The material you need to install stairway treads is the wood for your tribes and stringers or you can also buy strains and stringers that have already been cut at stores selling material home building. You will also need to glue for wood, nail, hammer and sandpaper.

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Measure the space between the treads on your stairs so that you know the measurement for your strings and tribes. Cut the forest based on the measurement you received or buy stringers and rise with the measure you received. Using sandpaper, grind the edges of stringers and riser to make them smooth. Apply glue on the edge of the side pieces so that it sticks to the sides of the ladder. Place these on both sides between measures to support the strains. Apply glue to the edge of the trunks so that they get stuck on the stairs and strings. Insert steps between strings and stringers and allow the glue to dry.