The Different Types of Folding Attic Stairs

Folding attic stairs are available in four basic types. True folding ceiling stairs fold in thirds and is mounted in the ceiling luke. You can also choose to disappear stairs that do not throw at all. But slide into the ceiling together the mounted rails. There are accordion stairs that play on the hinges on either side of each stage.

Folding attic stairs are common to many households and can be made of wood or aluminum. This type of ceiling staircase rests at an angle of 64 degrees, which is at the same angle as a painter’s ladder. Compatible ladders usually fold in two common places, distributed about three steps apart. Telescopic stairs, sometimes called telescoping attic ladder, are made up of about eight segments, each segment containing a single step.

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Sprosser fits one inside another as nesting tables, so the whole staircase glides up in the attic space. The telescopic guide is mounted on the ceiling instead of on the lid. Gaps attic ladder can come with handrails, something rarely seen on traditional folding ceiling stairs. They can also lie at an angle of 50 to 57 degrees, which is closer to the angle of a standard staircase. The most common materials used to make this type of staircase are aluminum and wood.