Tips Before Installing Fakro Attic Stairs

30 Inch Wide Aluminum Attic Ladder

In the event that you need to increase the use of loft spaces to store or give better access to mechanical equipment for routine support, collapsing fakro attic stairs of the upper room are a sharp decision. Folding stairs for attics come in two essential variations: wood and aluminum. The wood is a conservative decision and the wooden stairs for the superior rooms, as a rule, have a score of 350 pounds. Aluminum is lighter and more resistant, and some models have a rating of more than 375 pounds. For the most part, both ladder models are sized to fit standard openings from 22.5 to 25 creeps by 54 inches or wide openings from 25 to 30 crawls by 54 inches.

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Because of the higher ceilings, the 12-foot steps normally require an opening of about 25 by 66 inches. There are also some small aluminum adaptations for openings as little as 18 by 24 inches. The first step to introduce a superior room is to enter the attic and affirm the best area to open the fakro attic ladder parts. Make sure there are no cables or mechanical obstacles that cannot be expelled and that there is ample space so that customers have the ability to move around the edge of the planned opening. Insert nails through the roof from above to check each edge of the opening.

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