Twin Murphy Bed are The Ideal Option

The twin murphy bed or hidden beds are among the unique and creative pieces of furniture. If you are looking for a bed for small spaces , such as studio apartments where you need to take advantage of every corner , then Murphy beds are the ideal option. These are designed to fit perfectly on the wall and give an illusion of closet when closed, integrating perfectly into the decoration .

While it is true that their concept is similar, there are several types of folding beds, which respond to different needs. If for reasons of space you need a bed that you can pick up and hide in a heartbeat, either because you have a studio flat or because you do not have much space to receive guests, the twin murphy bed are the option for these needs; thanks to its smooth opening and closing mechanism.

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Now, if you are thinking of opting for the simplest design that looks like a closet, then you have single or double beds. The size depends on your preferences. Twin murphy bed can be opened horizontally or vertically. Being attached to the wall, is the size of this what you should consider before buying a single or double bed, and even, you can use two twin beds for shared rooms.