Ultra Modern Bedding Sets

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Thanks to their lightness, they fall on the bed naturally fitting perfectly in the corners. There are basically 3 types of quilts in the market! Standard modern bedding sets or quilt handkerchief: They do not carry stuffing, they can be made of different materials (knitwear, wool, cotton, synthetic fabrics, etc.) and perfectly mark the contour of the mattress, marking the corners at 90 degrees. They are often used as a decorative bedspread for summer nights.

Bouti modern bedding sets: They have a small quilted padding that makes them more fluffy than conventional, plus something warmer for those first cool autumn nights or to avoid the blanket.  Copicolchas : like the bouti, they have a small built-in filler, only in a different format than the small squares.

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They are quilts with non-removable fiber filling of different weights (the most common are about 250 gr.), Made with different textures and fabrics attached to the fiber with stitching to hold the filling well. They usually come padded in large square format, although there are different designs and models. The quilts replace the blankets, but not the sheets and are a step closer to modern bedding sets in terms of the shelter of the bed. They are the most usual option in Spanish homes, although the Nordic covers are gaining ground.