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A stair lifts medicare or lift is a piece of motorized equipment. That designed to help the elderly live and disabled comfortably inside a tenement house on the floor or have access to an elevated entrance. The most common type is the stair lift. In some situations. Such as with a one-story terrace or a house with a second open-floor loft area, a stair lift or wheelchair lift is more convenient.

A stair lift elevator can best be described as a residential elevator, installed in front of a series of stairs. In open areas inside or outside the house, a stair lift provides a simple way for people to travel between floors, but some plans simply do not allow an elevator. Whenever possible, residential staircases that can accommodate a wheelchair just like a wheelchair lift opened, but are closed.

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Stair lift Medicare is not a standard practice both health insurance and Medicare to cover the costs of a lift or escalator chairlift. But certain circumstances may warrant partial coverage. So check with your insurance or Medicare representative. Get a few references to good distributors from a local medical supply store or ask your insurance company for information before buying any kind of stair lift.