Using Drop Down Attic Stairs

Bessler Attic Stair 100

Drop down attic stairs are a pretty and tidy way to access the attic without a permanent staircase. Attic stairs are also a major source of lost heat because they are not very well insulated. One of the best ways to insulate the ceiling stairs is to build a box around them. The drop-down ceiling stairs make access to the ceiling possible, and they fold flat to the ceiling when not in use. One of the last steps to install the ceiling stairs is to install trim molding around the perimeter of the roof opening.

This trim prevents air leaking out of the home, and greatly improves the appearance of the stairs. When installing trim around the ceiling stairs, the correct distance is required to allow stair hinges to open and close properly. Best pull down attic stairs comes in steel or aluminum. Because dragon stairs must have hinges on each tread, three are not a practical material.

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Just like a clothes rack for clothes, this is the base of folding stairs fold on each tread. They can extend and lock in, regardless of floor to ceiling length, making them versatile for many applications. Pull down attic stairs with handrail is a good idea for any loft renovation project. These attached ladders are designed to slide from the ceiling space and fits nicely with most of the interior.