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Compared to natural, other fillers or synthetic, body perspiration, which greatly dampens sweating is allowed by the duvet. Thus, north shore bedroom set are made up of four basic elements: on the one hand, the sack or duvet cover with the filling or duvet, which is used with various coverings or covers, which will decorate the bedroom; and in addition, a matching bottom sheet, with the corresponding pillowcase.

Of the cold countries of northern Europe and the filling traditionally use in the manufacture of these quilts has been the down of goose or duvet, because it is. And we should never confuse it with the feather. Of similar name and Even though it’s also a material, does not incorporate the exact characteristics.

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For north shore bedroom set some time quilts have been enforced on our bedrooms. Either as such or in the form of a duvet. More recently, the covers have come as a garment for shelter and decoration into our market. That’s why I think it’s important to clarify the quilt differs from the duvet cover or duvet quilt.